Handmade Locally

We carefully select the raw materials and the production processes that, combined with the best people, result in an incredible outcome.

Print & Make On-Demand

We use 1:1 production technology that avoids excess inventory. Products are made on-demand, preserving suistainability.

  • Direct Transfer Film

    Your design is printed directly to a specialty film. The printer then sprays a powder adhesive onto the back of the ink. The design is cut and placed onto your desired garment and a heat press is used to activate the powder adhesive which permanently adheres your design directly to the fabric resulting in a vibrant full color design that won’t peel, crack or fade.

  • Dye Sublimation

    We start with large rolls of specialty fabric and print your design on pattern panels. The panels are laser cut from the roll and assembled and sewn by teams of professional sewers into your designed garment.

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